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Coca-Cola London Eye in Cool Stuff Exploded book

09 Sep 2008

Coca-Cola London Eye has teamed up with Dorling Kindersley publishers to celebrate the fact that Coca-Cola London Eye is featured in the exciting book ‘Cool Stuff Exploded.’

In Chris Woodford’s book technology is explored, explained and exploded. Widescreen TVs, mobile phones, even space rockets have turned what was once outlandish into the everyday. But how do they actually function? What are the secrets behind this science? And what would they look like if you could delve right into the heart of their insides?

Incredible 'exploded' images and huge fold-out pages reveal their components in fantastic detail, showing what each device does and how it does it. There's also an ingenious CD-ROM where children can interact with 3D animations that show the latest gadgets exploding before their eyes. Technology has never been cooler!

A specially designed kids activity sheet will be given to children who visit Coca-Cola London Eye in early September, or is available to download to get those brain cells going before their visit!

Download the Coof Stuff activity sheet

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