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Open House at Coca-Cola London Eye

02 Sep 2008

Open House London, the capital's largest architectural showcase, is taking place on 20-21 September. This year’s event will once again reveal the fabric of London in all its diversity: opening eyes and minds to the architectural gems, contemporary design and areas of urban change that define the city today.

In celebration of design excellence, an incredible 700 buildings and architectural walks and talks are featured, giving Londoners the opportunity to experience architecture up close and be part of a capital-wide idea for one weekend in the year. The creative teams that design, construct, conserve and regenerate the capital will also be on hand to share their expertise, insight and ideas, and explore the biggest issues facing the modern city. Alongside this are special programmes, activities and publications.

Coca-Cola London Eye will be taking part in this unique architectural access project on Sunday 21 September with specially tailored Architectural Discovery Flights. Spaces must be reserved via the Open House website where you can also find more information about other events in the capital.

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