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Learning Outcomes

Here is an insight into what teachers have had to say about why they have visited the Coca-Cola London Eye with their pupils:

  • A better understanding of the architecture and history of London.
  • An overview of the damage caused to our capital city during WW2
  • Awareness of London's main physical and Human features & aerial spatial awareness
  • Compare geographical landscapes
  • Greater understanding of the capital, the differences in architecture
  • Learn more about the River Thames and to provide knowledge and understanding to go alongside The London Eye mystery - the book the year group were studying.
  • Map drawing and reading of London landmarks
  • Path of the river, settlements on the river and implications of flooding for London
  • To be able to write a descriptive recount of visit, to learn more about the geography of London, and to investigate the design and structure of London Eye
  • To gain an understanding of how London is centred around the Thames
  • To have an improved knowledge of London's most historic landmarks.
  • To know the geographical location of the London Eye and its surroundings
  • To learn, to say and understand specific new vocabulary related to the visit
  • To see London landmarks and compare them to 1666
  • To understand how the skyline of London has changed
  • To understand about the history of our capital city
  • To write a descriptive piece of English.
  • Understanding of design, impact on environment, culture and tourism

Standard Per pupil

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