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Gift Cards Terms & Conditions: The London Eye

  1. THE ATTRACTIONS ARE PRIVATE PROPERTY. All persons entering the Attractions must hold a valid ticket. A valid form of photo ID may also be required.
  2. All persons under 3 years of age may enter the Attractions free of charge.
  3. The sale of this gift voucher by anyone other than Merlin is strictly prohibited.
  4. Only persons authorised by us are permitted to sell or offer for sale any items to guests within an Attraction’s grounds.
  5. All tickets are non-transferable, not for resale and will become automatically void on any transfer for value.
  6. Tickets purchased are only valid on the date printed on the ticket. Tickets may not be valid for special events and/or for entry into certain parts of an Attraction and a separate admission fee may be payable in this respect.
  7. Tickets will only be exchanged or refunded if Merlin, in its absolute discretion, chooses to do so. For the avoidance of any doubt, pre-booked tickets are non-refundable in the event that admission is refused or relinquished for any reason referred to in these Entry Conditions.
  8. Tickets booked online will be delivered in accordance with our delivery procedure. Gift cards are bought on behalf of other guests, the buyer accepts these Entry Conditions on behalf of every guest and shall ensure that these Entry Conditions are complied with by each person in the group.
  9. Tickets must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required by Merlin.  No child or children under the age of 16 will be admitted to an Attraction unless they are accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over and such child or children whilst on site must remain under the control or supervision of an adult at all times. Merlin reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to change the age restrictions referred to in this condition, if any particular circumstances so require in the interests of safety and security.