Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Thinking

Got a problem to solve? Do it 135 metres above London.

The London Eye provides a blank canvas like no other that is ideal to get delegates and team members to focus on the challenge at hand. This is the perfect break out space for delegates to come up with solutions and solve a problem. The blue sky thinking capsule is great for event huddles, meetings, syndicate rooms, focus groups, team building and think tanks. How about give your team 60 minutes to complete a task?

A Blue Sky Thinking capsule includes

  • Priority boarding
  • Private Capsule for 3 to 25 guests
  • 60-minute rotation.
  • Entry to the 4D cinema experience
  • Complimentary 360° Mini Guide for each guest
  • Entry to the Eye Lounge (please arrive 45 mins before your booked time)
  • Enhance your experience with our wide range of hospitality items including canapes by Rhubarb food design and beverages such as champagne, wine or beer.

Tip! After your Blue Sky Thinking Capsule, why not celebrate with a glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne in the Eye Lounge? Pre-book for just £7.50 per person now, just call +44 (0)871 222 4002.


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