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British Sign Language (BSL) Tours

Experience the London Eye River Cruise and other attractions like never before!

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British Sign Language (BSL) London Eye River Cruise

Guests can now enjoy the London Eye River Cruise in a new British Sign Language (BSL) friendly format. Learn awesome facts about the iconic landmarks situated along River Thames as you sit back and enjoy a 45 minute cruise.  

Setting sail from The London Eye Pier, you'll witness iconic landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben (Palace of Westminster), St. Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge before returning to your starting point.

Upcoming tour dates and times:

  • Saturday 13th July 12:45pm
  • Saturday 10th August 12:45pm
  • Saturday 14th September 12:45pm
  • Saturday 12th October 12:45pm
  • Saturday 9th November 12:45pm
  • Saturday 14th December 12:45pm

Please note that there will be reserved seating on the top deck in close proximity to the interpreter for guests experiencing BSL Tour.

More BSL Adventures Await!

The London Eye River Cruise map and the iconic landmarks you will see on the tour

What is the London Eye River Cruise?

Our cruise offers a seamless journey without any stops at other piers, ensuring a continuous, scenic experience.

Maximize your visit by pairing The London Eye with the River Cruise, creating an unforgettable experience of London's beauty from both land and water.