Learning Outcomes

A classroom in the heart of London with an unforgettable view!

Give your students the experience of a lifetime while also delivering a lesson they'll never forget, 135 meters above the River Thames! Not only that, we offer highly discounted standard entry school rates and teachers go free! Choose your curriculum-linked learning outcomes for your 30 minute rotation. KS2/KS3 pupils have the opportunity to learn:

In History and Geography...

  • To locate and categorise London's main Physical and Human features into North, South, East and West compass positions
  • To describe the Physical and Human features of London in relation to the capital's history
  • To analyse the impact of London's architecture on its environment, culture and tourism industry
  • To use numerical data in order to evaluate the purposes of the different buildings in London's skyline

In Art and DT

  • To understand and compare the impact of great artists architects and designers throughout history 

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