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Sky Candy Emporium

  • 2nd December - 10th December
  • £60 per person
  • Small groups of 12 people
Head above the clouds to explore a Candy Confectionary Wonderland!
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£60 per person

Explore a Candy Confectionary Wonderland

Tantalise your taste buds 135M in the air by entering the ultimate confectionary wonderland The Sky Candy Emporium. Whilst soaring over the capital, indulge in a unique sensory chocolate experience and make your very own Up in the Clouds sherbet cocktail or mocktail that fizzes and magically changes colour in front of your eyes. 

Guests will be able to eat their way through a pick-n-mix forest, interact with the Candy Lab and reach up to pluck floating candy floss from sugar filled clouds above their heads. On top of the mouth-watering treats on offer, the pod will be the ultimate selfie location, decked out with whimsical confectionary decorations. 


Throughout the experience, there will be vegan and vegetarian options available. All food provided, will be packaged with allergen information clearly stated. Please be advised that any chocolate used may contain traces of nuts and peanuts. 

Yes, this event is open to all ages. However, parental discretion is advised.

Yes, every head attending will need to have purchased a valid ticket.

To comply with Challenge 25, please be prepared to present proof of age for alcohol consumption upon request.