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Eye on London - Stay up all night, every night

  • Monday October 3rd 2016
  • Music

London Eye And County Hall At Night

London from the inside Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th October 2016

TFL takes a small leap for mankind and a giant leap for Londoners in making the capital truly 24-hour this week. On Friday the Jubilee joins the Central and Victoria lines in having a Friday and Saturday Night Tube. We can already hear the yelps of delight coming from Stanmore and Stratford. Coming up in this edition of ‘Eye on London’, we’re going crazy for Cronuts, reminiscing over sumo and celebrating the new tube times by pulling all-nighters in Soho.


We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting the press launch of Dominique Ansel’s Bakery in London on Tuesday. The bakery opened last Friday in Belgravia (why are you still sitting there?!) and is, of course, home to the Cronut® - the croissant-donut hybrid that tastes like happiness wrapped in a ball of glitter.



Ok, so the night tube is only on Fridays and Saturdays but there’s always a cab for school nights, or why not just go straight back into work?


Took her for a drink on Monday… Bar Italia, Soho

and Tuesday… Balans, Soho
and Wednesday… VQ, Bloomsbury

and Thursday… Duck and Waffle, Bishopsgate

and Friday… The Horse and Groom, Shoreditch aka ‘The Disco Pub’

and Saturday… New Evaristo Club, Soho  

and a beigel on Sunday… Beigel Bake, Brick Lane



You live in London, so of course you don’t get around to doing the famous stuff. Maybe you should?

This week... The Changing of the Guard - go on 4th or 6th at 11.30am or 8th at 8am.


MERGE Bankside - until 7th October - arts, comedy, music and performance across various locations, inspired by the culture and history of SE1.



There are 32 capsules on The Coca-Cola London Eye, representing the 32 London boroughs, so each week we explore a different London borough.

Soho is undoubtedly the King (ok, Queen) of 24-hour partying, here’s some Soho know-how that you probably didn’t know...

  • The Phoenix Garden - there’s a beautiful, tranquil garden with wildlife and ponds and everything… in the West End!
  • The Seven Noses of Soho - in 1997 artist Rick Buckley secretly placed about 30 plaster casts of his nose on buildings around Soho as a protest against too much CCTV. (Apparently) there’s seven left and if you can find them all, legend has it that great wealth will come your way.
  • The Windmill - was the only West End theatre not to be shut during the War (oh, except for 12 days).
  • The only known death by near-inhalation of a billiard ball took place in The Carlisle Arms on Bateman Street where you can still have a pint, but not a game of billiards.
  • Soho is named after a medieval hunting cry.


ON THIS DAY… 9th October 1991

The first ever sumo wrestling tournament, to be staged outside of Japan, in the sports 1500 year history, took place in the Royal Albert Hall.


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