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#EyeLoveLondon - The London Short Film Festival

  • Monday January 8th 2018
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Inspiring perspectives of London Monday 8th - Sunday 14th January 2018

Celebrating its 15th year, the London Short Film Festival is returning to London this week. Over the next fortnight, the LSFF will takeover London’s best independent cinemas and other venues, to showcase the greatest UK short filmmaking talent. It has rave reviews as a cutting-edge film and music festival that oozes with creativity and nurtures new talent. January feels like the perfect month to have this inspiring festival in the city.


From 12th - 21st January 2018


The unexpected. That’s the beauty of it. Films about anything and everything - boy band obsessions, Brexit, hidden communities on the British Isles, London lives, women in hip hop, ghost stories.


Venues include the Institute of Contemporary Arts on The Mall, the Rio Cinema in Dalston, the Curzon in Soho and the Moth Club in Hackney.


As well as the movies, there’s industry events about things like becoming a filmmaker, getting your film funded and how to engage audiences. There’s also the chance to see what DIY filmmakers can achieve with a minimal budget.



1. Get out of the house and try something new to beat the January blues.

2. Explore London’s best independent cinemas and other venues you probably haven’t been to before.

3. Support UK filmmakers and new talent.

4. The films are short, sweet and straight to the point.

5. It’s not just movies - there’s also live music, parties and industry events.

6. Watch a movie that might make you think differently.

7. In less than the time it would normally take to watch one film (about 90 minutes), you’ll cram in between seven and sixteen, depending on the night.

8. Go with friends and enjoying discussing your thoughts and favourites afterwards.

9. Get your submission ready for next year and enter in for the ‘With Teeth’ commissioning fund of £2000.

10. Enjoy a film that was created with freedom, the only limit being imagination. Short films can be very dream-like experiences.


In short, you should go!

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