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Banish the winter blues on the Coca-Cola London Eye

  • Friday February 20th 2015
  • Press Release

London Eye picnic on pod

Passengers were whisked away to enjoy breathtaking views of London from a tropical beach, a quintessential English garden and a warm and cosy living room.

Capsules at the iconic London landmark underwent an overnight transformation into little havens of happiness designed to provide a welcome escape from winter and bring an extra special spark of happiness to London’s South Bank.

Beach lovers wanting a taste of summer had the chance to view some of London’s best known landmarks from a deckchair on the shoreline of an exclusive island getaway. The tropical beach island paradise, complete with Hawaiian garland, bucket and spade and balmy temperatures, made the winter chill outside easy to forget.

For those who were looking to enjoy an experience that felt closer to home, there was the opportunity to appreciate the skyline from the luxury of their very own living room. Amongst the cushions and throws, guests were able to recline in leather armchairs and enjoy a board game with friends as they took their special rotation.

Happiness blossomed through an early taste of spring in a traditional English country garden, complete with a blossom tree to recline upon and flowers to admire, the scene was completed with butterflies and ladybirds. Bunting also lined the capsule, adding to the garden party feel and ensuring that people could not be help but feel happy as they took in the unrivalled views of the capital city.

Nicola Ratcliffe, General Manager at the Coca-Cola London Eye, commented: ‘At the Coca-Cola London Eye we are always looking for new and different ways to create fun and exciting moments. Today some of our guests got a very pleasant surprise when they stepped into the specially themed capsules. It was such a pleasure to watch the expressions on unsuspecting guests’ faces as they entered these havens of happiness – perfect to get rid of the winter blues.’