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Pokemon Go guidelines at the Merlin Entertainments London Attractions

  • Tuesday July 19th 2016
  • Announcement

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Please follow these simple steps:

Never enter restricted areas.There are certain areas of our attractions which are off limits to guests for safety and security reasons. Posted signs should never be ignored and guests should never go over a fence or around a barricade.

Be responsible and respectful of other guests. Keep your eyes up while walking.

One way to avoid bumping into each other or stationary objects, like bins, and to avoid trips and falls is to pay attention to where you are walking at all times.

Do not take phones or cameras on rides or in attractions where you are told that cameras and phones are not allowed.

Guests should be mindful of any ride or attraction guidelines that restrict cell phones and cameras. Even if it is in your pocket, objects can fall out during a ride and hurt someone. And, the phone or camera will most likely be damaged beyond repair.

We recognise that the Pokemon Go game encourages walking, exercise, and taking in some great London views, which is something we support!