Jubilee Gardens filming/photography requests

We are happy to consider all filming and photography requests. Please read our filming/photography guidelines and then provide as many details as possible using the form below.

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Official Jubilee Gardens filming/photography guidelines


Technical and Logistical Requirements

Only crews of five or fewer people will be permitted on-site. Handheld cameras and tripods only.

In general, crews are not permitted to:

  • Leave any equipment unattended on site
  • Use tracks or any other ground equipment
  • Build any temporary structure or rigging on the gardens
  • Film our security operation: this includes all the visible aspects like our security officers, positioning of CCTV cameras and security searches
  • Impede public engagement with the Gardens in any way

Please note that there is no parking available adjacent to Jubilee Gardens and no vehicles are permitted onsite. Crews should note that there is no power source on Jubilee Gardens.

Health and Safety

Large and involved filming requests may be asked to provide full method statements and risk assessments in consultation with our health and safety advisors. These must be directly relevant to the Jubilee Gardens, not just to filming in general.


The Jubilee Gardens Trust does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to property or for personal injury suffered as a result of filming at the Jubilee Gardens. Any damage incurred to the Jubilee Gardens property or injury caused to personnel as a consequence of the actions or negligence of any member or associate of the film crew will automatically be the liability of your company.


The Jubilee Gardens Trust will refuse entry or remove from its premises anybody who behaves in a manner, which is likely to affect the enjoyment of the Gardens by members of the public or the ability of the Trust’s contractors to carry out their work. 
The Jubilee Gardens Trust will always reasonably endeavour to ensure that the Jubilee Gardens are open for use at the agreed times. However, the Jubilee Gardens Trust reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, whether for safety or technical reasons or for any other unforeseen circumstances, to close the Gardens or any part of its premises, with or without prior notice. In the event of such a closure, we will agree to re-schedule any agreed activity at a mutually convenient time between both parties.

Projects may be subject to a location fee, dependent on the nature of the filming.