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Tricking and Treating

02 Oct 2009

Peculiar witch sisters Trick and Treat create mischief at The Merlin Entertainments London Eye this Halloween

London, September 2009

With Halloween fast approaching, the capital’s most iconic landmark, The Merlin Entertainments London Eye, will be transformed with its landscape changed into a spooky forest complete with a bubbling bog of no return for children who’ve been naughty. From Saturday October 24th to Sunday November 1st, two very peculiar witch sisters will be teaching children a lesson about the perils of misbehaving with Witch Trick encouraging children to be naughty and Witch Treat trying to save them from her wicked sister.

Wicked witch Trick is a creature of the bubbling bog herself; she is a horrible and grizzly witch who encourages children to be disobedient and wayward so that she can feed them to her bubbling bog. Witch Trick will be persuading the children to do as she says by offering them treats and pretending to be much nicer than she really is. The children must decide whether Trick’s treats are actually treats or whether they are in fact tricks.

Witch Treat, on the other hand, is a friendly witch who only uses magic for good. She will be trying to warn off the good children so that they don’t end up with long noses, black tongues and square eyes or worst of all being lost forever in the bubbling bog of no return. She knows that all children are good at heart unless lead astray.....!

All this naughtiness will take place in the spooky forest amongst the evening mist, low hanging trees and sounds of the wind whistling, wolves howling and witches cackling.

In addition to Trick and Treat roaming the spooky forest, haunting tales of the South Bank will be shared on the 40-minute Halloween themed Cruise. To learn more about the terrible tales of Witch Trick and Witch Treat specially themed ‘Trick or Treat’ flights with her helpless victims will offer spectacular panoramic views of the capital as well as treats for all the kids that manage to be good despite Trick’s best efforts! Be sure to bring the whole family down to help witch Treat to spook witch Trick into retreat.

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